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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Are these prices renewing?
If you’re on a 1 or 5 year plan then yes, you can renew at the same price point you joined us on – If you’re on a Lifetime plan then you won’t have to worry about anything, As long as you need your service we’ll keep providing it!
Is there a limit for usage?
All our plans do follow a fair use policy to curb abuse server and network abuse, If you’re using the service for projects directly associated with you, and within the guidelines of the law you’re usually in the clear, We aim to provide a fair and affordable service – we can’t do that if we permit abuse of the network.
Do I get support?
We provide product related support and make a best effort when dealing with third-party scripts, programs or issues, We’ll always make an effort to provide support or point you in the right direction regardless of the type of issue you’re having, we’re happy to help.
Why PixelHost?
We put transparency at the core of our business, we work very hard to provide the best quality and offer prices that are affordable for all, You know what you’re purchasing and what you get, No lock-ins, no weird clauses.

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